Sunday, November 30, 2008

Its absolutely amazing what can be done electronically these days!
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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Yes we are part of the crazy crowd that does the bulk of their Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Dallin & I were up and done with two stores before the crack of dawn even thought of showing his face. It is exciting to get out of bed every year knowing that you would much rather sleep in! Drag yourself to a store and it never fails that you forget something, this year it was the ads. How can you map something out without the key tool (a map)? Dallin and I were 7th and 8th in the line which is pretty unheard of for showing up at nearly 4:00am when they opened just an hour later. As the unlucky gentlemen unlocked the door about a dozen of us made way for the rest of the crowd waiting very unpatiently behind us. Running anxiously down aisles as we made our way to the overloaded escalator as readied holiday workers lined the walkways to give direction. "Slow down" we heard at least a dozen times, "you apparently don't know who you are dealing with if you are asking for us to reason with you and listen" we all thought in our minds. The day after thanksgiving shopping is certainly not for everyone but for the people that aren't afraid to throw a shoulder if needs be. One year I almost got into a fist fight with an old man because I was transporting several carts to several of my friends that I was with and he insisted that I could spare one cart. We later went back home and gathered the womanly apendages and continued our venture at a few more stores. You can't forget the 1/2 peice sock sale at Smithts Marketplace that is for sure. Who doesn't need socks? Socks are like tires, you buy them when you can least afford them and they are never the ones that you want but you settle for the cheap ones and before you know it you have worn through them a little too fast and its time to play the game over again. Ask Katy to tell you the tire story.. Black friday is a chance to mingle with other crazy people with one thing in mind (getting whats on sale) and if you do it right you make out like a bandit like we did spending $125 on something that should have cost over $300 on a normal day. You get to rub shoulders with close family and friends and usually the energy expulsion gives way for excuses to go out to breakfast which always seems to be made better than times before. All in all we all tell ourselves that we have had enough, but like most addicts we just have to go back for more next year!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Blog!

We finally have our own blog! Bare with us as we make it look pretty!